About this Blog

This Blog is a repository of my views, reviews,  occasional rants, raves and reflections pretaining to my life as a dilitante* and avaricious consumer of culture, from the very high (e.g. Grand Opera) to the lowest of the low (e.g Strictly Come Dancing). I am well aware that it is most unlikely that anyone else but me will ever read it, and yet somehow that really doesn't bother me. The great thing about blogging is that it furnishes the illusion that one is a published writer, and as long as one has a sufficiently high opinion of oneself, an illusion will suffice.

If anyone else does stumble upon this blog, please feel free to comment, like, dislike, recommend, etc, etc.

I thank you.

* a soubriquet already bagged by someone else, hence the dodgy Italian spelling of the title

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