Wednesday, 17 June 2015

15 June, 2015 Ballet Central Tour 2015 ****

This year is the thirtieth anniversary of the Central School’s graduation show Ballet Central. These shows are always a delight. Many of the young performers will go on to do great things (after all 80% of graduates find employment in the dance industry within six months of graduating), and it’s always fun to try and pick the stars of the future.

It’s a mark of the respect that the dance world has for Central that top choreographers will devise works especially for the students. The undoubted highlight of this show has got to be a new piece by Christopher Bruce set to Britten’s Morning and Moonlight from Peter Grimes which uses flouncy smocks and skirts and petticoats as an integral component of the choreography that perfectly reflects the maritime theme of the music.

Other stand-out pieces included Code choreographed by Phoenix Dance’s Sharon Watson, a spiky and edgy ensemble piece with a driving score by Philip Feeney, and Scenes from a Wedding, a witty narrative ballet by Christopher Marney.

The dancing by this small company was exemplary and ranged from classical to contemporary, serious to light-hearted. The way they presented themselves and the work was an indication of how ready they are to join the ranks of the professionals.

And future stars? I would single a Japanese boy, Yoshimasa Ikezawa. He has natural stage presence, grace and beautiful lines in both classical and modern work.

PS Is there something about the name Christopher and choreography? No fewer than four of the featured choreographers were Christophers – Hampson, Gable, Bruce and Marney.

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