Sunday, 17 May 2015

14 May, 2015: Christian Blackshaw at Turner Sims ****

A welcome return to Turner Sims by Christian Blackshaw with Schubert’s last three piano sonatas D958, D959 and D960. To put these three monumental works together in one programme requires a certain amount of stamina on the part of both audience and performer. Blackshaw invests a great deal of emotion into his performances and plays with great delicacy and soundness of touch. He manages to bring something new and original to this repertoire which has become a stomping ground of so many contemporary players. But to sustain such a high level of intensity for so long was asking a lot, and so it is hardly surprising that by the time the finale of D960 came round tiredness was evident in a disappointingly roughshod account. However, since he plays so much better than I can, who am I to carp? To hear these three masterpieces back to back from such a consummate artist was a rare treat.

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