Sunday, 30 November 2014

Strictly Come Dancing: why I look at the spoiler thread on Digital Spy

I, in common with most people I’d imagine, do not like being treated like an idiot. Just how stupid do the producers of Strictly think we are? Is there anyone out there who actually believes that the results show actually takes place on Sunday evening. I’d like to think that maybe this whole scenario is loaded with irony; that it’s some elaborate joke that we are all in on. But then I think about the ‘live’ show on Saturday. The show always opens with an elaborate dance by the pros with costumes and make up carefully matched to the theme of the dance. Seconds later, those same pros (well, the ones who are left in) come marching out with their celeb partners with completely different costumes, hair and make-up. Are we expected to believe that in less than two minutes they have done a ‘quick change’? Do you know, gentle reader, I think we are. I have seen some pretty amazing quick costume-changes on the stage in my time, but hair and make-up too?

So I think we can safely assume that the opening number is a recorded insert and not live. Which begs the question: if parts of the show are recorded and being passed off as live – is any of it live? It’s not difficult to imagine circumstances in a live show which could cause offense. Foul language, serious costume malfunctions, accidents with props and equipment, maverick audience members misbehaving, etc, etc. I do wonder if the lawyers have insisted on a delay. It seems that broadcasters regularly do this, but still describe the transmission as live.

Further evidence that the producers regard us punters as morons is the insistence that the studio audience should all clap along to the music like performing seals slightly behind the beat, and go “whooo” every time there is a lift or a pivot in a dance.

So, because we are all such morons we can be expected to believe that at the end of the show on Saturday night everyone goes home; and then they all turn up again on Sunday night, the couples all get back into their costumes, and they all have their hair and make-up re-done (even though only two of them are going to actually dance). You have to hand it to them – they work very hard on the deception. In the time it takes to finish the vote the poor old judges and presenters have to change into different outfits and have their hair re-styled (so quickly that it often shows), and all the crew, participants and presenters gamely talk about what happened on ‘the Sunday show’

So the reason I look at the spoiler thread is simply to restore my sanity and self- respect. I’ve never been one for delayed gratification. I always look at the last page of a novel to see how it ends when I’m about a third of the way through. So it doesn’t bother me that the suspense is missing from the Sunday show. What bothers me far more is being treated like an idiot.

If you haven’t discovered it already and would like the spoiler, here is the link
Go to this page on Saturday evening and scroll down for the ‘spoiler thread’

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